私たちのチームでは Research Assistant (RA) の採用を積極的に行なっています。
(Our team is actively recruiting Research Assistants.)

RA としての仕事の種類は多岐に渡ります。採用者のスキルと興味、こちらの分析需要に応じて、臨機応変にタスクを振り分けます。
(The types of work you will perform as a research assistant are many and varied. Depending on the skills and interests of the employer and our analytical demands, we will assign tasks in a flexible manner.)

Tasks (example):

  • Data cleaning
  • Web-scraping
  • Regression analysis
  • Time-series analysis
  • Model-based projection of COVID-19 infection
  • Model-based projection of severe patients and deaths
  • Literature review
  • Writing reports and papers
  • Communication with media and policymakers


現在募集しているポジションです。以下の job description をよく読んでから、応募してください。
(We are currently recruiting for this position. Please read the job descriptions below carefully before applying.)


Past RAs have gone to

  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Johns Hopkins University (Ph.D. in Economics)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.D. in Economics)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.A. in Economics)
  • University California of Los Angeles (Ph.D. in Economics)
  • University of Minnesota (Ph.D. in Economics)
  • University of Tokyo (M.A. in Economics)


過去に在籍した RA の体験談をこちらのページに掲載しています。応募の際の参考にしてください。
(Please refer to the testimonials of past RAs on this page for reference when applying.)